Our long term goal at BGB is to build zero energy homes, an ongoing endeavor we have titled the Zero Energy Project (ZEP).

We know how to build a zero energy home, but we feel it is more important to first understand why we want to build them. Aside from enhancing the reputation of our business, the community, and the city of Boston, we have created the list below to show the real reasons behind the ZEP and the benefits to be enjoyed if successfully employed.

1. As a society, we cannot afford to conduct business as usual in the new home building industry. We need to rethink the way we use energy and its effect on the environment. A good place to start would be where we use 72% of our electricity consumption: our buildings (USBGC).

2. We, as individuals literally can’t afford to use energy the way we are used to. Our largest source of energy, oil is a finite resource “and a debate rages over the precise date of peak, but rather misses the point, when what matters — and matters greatly — is the vision of the long remorseless decline that comes into sight on the other side of it. The transition to decline threatens to be a time of great international tension.” (ASPO Int’l) As the supply of oil declines, and demand increases, you can be sure that the price of oil will rise, and so too will the cost of heating and cooling your home.

3. People want a green home. A study recently conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction found that in a down economy almost 70% of those polled said that they would be more inclined or much more inclined to purchase a green home.

4. A green home represents future opportunity. A completed true zero energy home built on an undervalued property in a low income neighborhood has potential to enhance the local landscape and create a point of interest in an otherwise struggling area.

5. Job Creation. The Obama adminstration continues to harp on how the ARRA will stimulate job creation, especially in the green industry. Despite these claims, the unemployment remains low, and we have yet to observe direct effects of the stimulus anywhere. This is the perfect project for the stimulus as it promotes green jobs and green homes. GreenBiz.com has an excellant article on the economic benefits of investing in clean energy projects like the ZEP.

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