Harvey ReportBack in the old days those dumpsters you saw sitting next to construction site would be filled up, picked up, and taken to the nearest landfill emptying all types of metals, rubber, glass, and toxins into our earth. 

Those days are over.

Modern technology has made it possible to efficiently and effectively recycle constructions waste by the dumpsterful and no one has embraced this technology more than Boston’s own E.L. Harvey & Sons.  They recently invested in a multi-million dollar processing facility that separates the materials, recycling the rubber, metal, paper, plastic, drywall, concrete, reusing the good wood, making wood-chips from the bad wood, and composting the construction dust.  This is an excellent example of how BGB minimizes the waste stream, something a lot of conventional construction companies don’t do. 

At the end of each month E.L Harvey sends out a waste  management report (pictured above) that shows what was diverted and recycled from the waste stream. 

For any questions about E.L Harvey or other ways BGB minimize the waste stream please send us an email.


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