IMG_1204IMG_1203Six months after the grand opening our showroom continues to expand.  We would like to extend an invitation to friends, colleagues, green professionals, homeowners, and anyone else with an interest in green building to stop by anytime during the week.  We have added a new green island cabinet display made by John Taylor of Clevergreen cabinets.  Other recent additions include more counter-top samples and a green roof module from Planted Roof

Interested in taking a green approach to your remodeling project? Come visit our showroom in our offices located in Allston where you can find a variety of green products and technologies including:

The Freewatt MCHP. The showroom centerpiece is this functioning Micro Combined Heat and Power co-generation heating system. Manufactured by Honda and Utica boiles, the Freewatt system burns natural gas in a Honda generator to supply clean inexpensive electricity for you home while the waste heat from the cylinder head and exhaust is captured to supply head and hot water to the home. A 95% efficient modulating boiler provides assistance under periods of high demand.

Marmoleum Flooring. Manufactured in one of the world’s cleanest and greenest factories this product is created using natural materials and installed using solvent free, non-toxic adhesives.

FSC Lumber. Examine some of the many Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) lumber and paper products that are now available. You can use FSC lumber products knowing that the wood was responsibly managed and harvested using sustainable logging practices. This is an important means of helping to stop the rampant deforestation of the planet. Our showroom floor features a beautiful FSC hickory flooring laid over a radiant floor heating system.

Warmboard Radiant Floor System.The heat produced by our Freewatt system is distributed to a Warmboard radiant floor system. This system saves valuable time during construction and its aluminum coated surface provides a high performance heat foil to quickly and efficiently warm the room, thereby saving energy and prolonging the life of the boiler.

Clevergreen Cabinets Millwork Shop. Jonathon Taylor’s cabinet shop sprays only water based finishes and uses a high content of locally sourced hardwoods, formaldehyde free panel products and FSC products in his operation.

Insulation. We variety of green insulation options on display including spray foam (R-19 open, R-50 closed), recycled denim batts (R13-R30), and Cellulose (R-13-R50).

Recycled Content Building Materials. We display and install a wide range of building materials made with Highly Recycled Content (HRC). Some of these items include tile, concrete and stone counter-tops, engineered wood products, paper and metal prodcuts, and more.

Paints and Stains.Check out the non-toxic, non VOC paints and stains we have on display in a range of colors, styles, and textures.

We also offer educational models for geo-thermal and solar power that explain the concepts and demonstrate how they work.

Coming soon: A 3.8 KW solar system on our roof!

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