August6 0171-chestnutKitchenTo say the housing market hasn’t been doing well would be an understatement.  Many homeowners who were planning to sell their homes have decided to wait until the market improves, which according to many experts could take up to  five years.  As a general contractor we’ve noticed that many of our clients who were planning to sell, are now planning to renovate, and the area that appears most popular to renovate is the kitchen.  Our approach to kitchens (See pictures above) is the same approach we apply to all our projects:  Go Green.  Here’s how:

Cabinets:  Cabinets created with sustainably managed wood, non-toxic adhesives, and water-based finishes not only provide a healthier environment than conventionally built cabinets, but also look beautiful.  There is a very small, but growing community of green cabinet makers like Clever Green Cabinets.

Countertops:  There are a variety of sustainable countertops available including a sleek looking concrete slab, Icestone (made from locally sourced, recycled glass), or any locally sourced stone including New Hampshire Granite Vermont Slate, or a New England Bluestone. 

Flooring:  There is a large selection of green flooring available to homeowners including Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) materials made from Cork, Bamboo, or any other locally sourced, responsibly managed woods.  There are also recycled content tiles, and the very clean and healthy alternative to Linoleum, Marmoleum.   While all of these options are considered green, the most environmentally friendly option is to refinish the current floor. 

Appliances:  We always recommend the use of Energy Star appliances as their newer models are especially energy efficient. 

Lighting: LED lighting has come a long way in the past five years.  The new LEDs contain no toxic elements, are more durable than bulbs, generate little heat, and are offered in a variety of colors, compatible with dimmer switches.   Though they carry a higher up front cost than conventional bulbs, their payback period is only about two years and they look terrific as down-lighting or cabinet lighting.

Our approach is simple: Don’t breath your kitchen, guard you air, and enhance your environment.  At BGB we assess each project on a case by case basis, search for a variety of options, and talk them over with our clients.  We are always looking for way to save you money, by maintaining the strengths of your current kitchen and improving upon the weaknesses.  We prefer to incorporate the natural light available into a comfortable open space,  reuse and renew as much of the existing materials as we can, and recycle 85% of our demolition waste, often times, back into the project.    Let us help you go green in the kitchen.

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