Gloucester Deep Energy Retrofit

The ARRA has set aside millions of dollars for the weatherization of existing homes.  Here at BGB we are taking this idea to the next level and entering the realm of Deep Energy Retrofits (DER).  This is the idea of drastically reducing your home’s energy use  (up to 60-70%)  by superinsulating your home.  BGB is currently preparing to begin a DER project on the home of our President, Brian Butler’s residence.  More updates with pictures to come soon.  For more images and information on the project pictured above check out their website.

It is essential for a contractor to approach every home the way a good doctor approaches each patient:  on a case by case basis.  Each home is constructed differently, each with a unique geographic location, orientation, building envelope, insulation type or consistency, window types, mechanical systems, siding, and roof shingles.  All of these element contribute to the collective “house” that we live in and too many contractors and homeowners take this for granted, trying to force an enhancement on their house that might have worked for their friends down the street, but it might not work for them.  We ALWAYS recomend a profession to perform an energy scan on your home before we create a scope of work.

The image above depicts a home in gloucester that was wrapped up like a gift in an exterior stud wall insulated with spray foam.   Below you can see another approach where the siding was stripped and 4 inches of exterior riged Polyico foam was applied.


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