STUDIOthree is very happy to be partnering with Boston Green Building on the Eco-Building Blog!  We realize that the terms “green” and “sustainable” can, at times, be generic and often misused.  Therefore, we aim to present eco-friendly design ideas and construction methods that have had a positive impact in the past as well as innovative technologies that are new to the field.  In that sense, we share an enthusiastic attitude toward the future of green building and design and are excited to do so with Boston Green Building.

STUDIOthree, a very diverse and unique design team, will be blogging on a weekly basis.  Christos Ntanas, originally from Larissa, Greece, will be presenting “The Other Side of Architecture and Design”.  He will discuss today’s “green movement” in a variety of ways and describe why he thinks it works or doesn’t work.  Sam Hitchon, who was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, will base his blog on “Green Architecture and Design with an International Twist”.  He will look into innovative design technologies and methods being used abroad and talk about how it might relate to the New England area.  Our third member, Michael Chavez from Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be interviewing individuals and organizations who are involved in all facets of the “green movement”.  He will not only be looking at eco-friendly and alternative design and construction, but also at the role of social justice and how it fits into the idea of a healthy and positive community.

Happy blogging!


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