Going green has never been so affordable. Through tax incentives, product rebates, and loan programs people are saving thousands on deep energy retrofits. Utility companies are giving rebates on virtually all high-efficiency appliances, from light bulbs to HVAC and solar systems, reaching up to $10,000.  Likewise, tax incentives will take an additional 30% off these appliances, leaving them at a fraction of their original prices. There are also specific loan programs for retrofits that have 0% interest rates to help you cover the up front costs. And while you might be hesitant to retrofit your home strictly for environmental benefits, know that your energy-efficient renovations will pay for themselves in time through savings in utilities.

Sound too good to be true? Just look at the Williamson Zero-Energy Home which was retrofitted in 2003. After the $18,500 the owners were given in rebates and tax incentives, and the $6,000 they are saving annually in energy costs, their deep energy retrofit has already paid for itself. And now their ultra-efficient home is generating enough electricity to receive $200-$300 annually in energy credits.

Ultimately, retrofitting your home will not only reduce the ongoing depletion of the environment, but it will also save you money, making it both a morally and financially sound decision.


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