Exciting developments are underway with the introduction of the Climate-Block© building envelope system to Massachusetts. The system is made up of prefabricated framing panels that are also pre-insulated with a revolutionary material called expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Unlike in conventional framing, EPS is a continuous, uninterrupted panel that has notches cut out for wall studs, rafters, and other components. This continuity provides an unbroken thermal break so that outdoor temperatures cannot transfer through studs and joists like in standard framing. Climate-Block© also utilizes monolithic corners to provide even greater air tightness, giving wall systems an R-30 rating and roof systems an R-40 rating. Climate-Block©, which is designed by Delta H, LLC, is exclusively available in Massachusetts through Boston Green Building. For more information on the material you can contact John Hourihan at john@bostongreenbuilding.com or visit http://www.pbn.com/detail.html?sub_id=51121.


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