New Track and Stud System from EcoStud®, uses 100% post industrial waste to create a do-it-yourself frame system. The system comes in various sizes depending on your project and is designed for EPS foam board. The 3.5″  system accepts all types of insulation and is precut for wiring and plumbing.  The system being made of recycled resin provides a superior thermal break when compared to the steel system. When used as a system with a spray closed cell foam it provides greater than R-20 in 3,” this saving energy by providing high R-Value as well as a sealed structure.

EcoStud’s thermal conductivity is about  .19W/mk and when compared with carbon streel typically used in metal Z-Furing or steel studs that has a thermal conductivity of 43.0. The EcoStud system ends up being 226 times more effective at preventing the heat transfer that creates energy loss.  In Addiction, the EcoStud system weighs significantly less than steel or wood, about between 3-4 pound less per piece. Also the EcoStud is inherently mold and mildew resistant and provides a healthier living environment. However the sustem is not load bearing, but non the less it is a great system for framing and insulating non-load bearing walls.

Infrared photo of 2″ Steel Z Furring with EPS foam board. Notice the thermal breaks where the steel studs are.

Infrared photo of 2″ EcoStud with EPS foam board.




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