During Construction

A 1940’s Bungalow gains new life with the renovation of an attic and modern energy-efficient materials.  The original attic was small a small space used for storage, and the existing stairwell was built to steep.  The objective was to;  re-configure the existing stairs, raise the ridge of the roof, create two bedrooms, a walk-in closet, a full bath , and a play room.  Also included in the scope was;  the removal of the existing chimney, direct venting for the existing boiler, and water heater, replace siding with James Hardie pre finished clapboard, and replacing all trim with Azek trim.

Taking into account the homeowners living on the first floor during renovations, BGB made it the highest priority to ensure a safe site with minimal airborne irritants, toxic materials, or chemical finishes.

After Renovation

When approaching of house of this age, we can assume that insulation might be missing from the original wall. To maximize energy efficiency and comfort we completed an infrared scan of the existing house for missing insulation.  Once areas were identified, holes were drilled and insulation was blown in dense packed cellulose. To achieve the highest R-value possible we sprayed open cell foam insulation onto the new construction wall s and roofline.  The existing windows, and siding was also replaced with more energy-efficient and maintenance free products as well.

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