GE Appliances & Lighting partnered with the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program to recycle the insulation foam in refrigerators; becoming the first company to do so. About nine million refrigerators are disposed per year in the U.S. and only a fraction has the insulating foam in their walls and doors recycled. While 90 percent of used refrigerators in the U.S. are recycled for their metal, the remaining foam and other materials typically go to a landfill. By recycling the insulating foam, it not only reduces the landfill waste by 85 percent, but it also decreases the GHG and ozone-depleting substances. GE Appliance and Lighting President and CEO James Campbell states “GE’s commitment to develop and deploy solutions to today’s environmental challenges is a top priority. We have made major investments in home energy management and supported aggressive energy-efficiency standards for appliances. Working with the EPA and ARCA on responsible appliance disposal is another great step forward in to spirit of GE’s ecomagination initiative.” The technology used is a precise, sealed and fully-automated refrigerator system that will be the first of its kind in North America. According to Brian Conners, President of COO of ARCA Advanced Processing, “If the foam from the 9 million refrigerators disposed of annually in the U.S. were processed through this recycling technology, the greenhouse gas emissions avoided would be equivalent to the annual CO2-e emissions of more than 2.4 million cars on U.S. roads.”

So if you are interested in a new refrigerator, go to www.ARCAInc.com for more information on how you can recycle yours and reduce greenhouse emissions.


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