Stores, such as the Building Materials Resource Center, here in Boston, sells surplus or salvaged fixtures, cabinets, you name it, for discounted prices; think Salvation Army meets Home Depot.  There are tons of new salvage stores and deconstruction companies popping up all over the United States. About 136 million tons of construction related debris was generated in 1998 and only 20-30% was saved. By purchasing fixtures from a salvage shop, not only is it more affordable, but you are also keeping more items out of landfills by reusing them.

If you choose to donate building materials or fixtures, many companies are tax exempt organizations, and you may be eligible to claim a charitable tax deduction for your donations. Deconstruction costs about the same as leveling a house, with the added benefit of knowing you helped keep cut down on debris in landfills, creating a greener Earth.

To find one near you go to http://www.fpl.fs.fed.us/documnts/fplgtr/fpl_gtr150.pdf for a company near you.



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