A new development from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) generates solar electricity at prices competitive with natural gas. This is possible due to the introduction of a new solar power concentrator, The Amonix 7700 Concentrated Photovoltaic or CPV Generator. Amonix has basically taken space grade solar cells and put them under a lens here on earth. The resulting system tracks the sun and produces nearly double the power of traditional solar electric arrays at utility-scale installations. The technology has the added benefit of being the least land-intensive form of solar power in the world.

Many solar systems today are very disruptive to the site itself, but by using this new system of solar fields the site would be less disturbed. As each panel is mounted on a pole, grading is not often needed. The huge panels are also much easier to transport and install, which greatly simplifies logistics. The overall installed costs are one-half to one-third the price of amorphous silicon and thin film utility-scale solar array installations.

Yet, another step in the right direction for a more affordable, renewable energy source.


One thought on “New Breakthrough with Solar Electricity Giving Fossil Fuels Some Competition!

  1. That would be a very efficient thing to do, rather than using those now very expensive natural gas due to its no competition, I think we should really developed those solar system that can give of cheap energy for every house can use from cooking, lighting and heating. From this I would really think that the price of these natural gas will turn doen their prices and another advantage is that we can preserve them for future use maybe.

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