It just so happens that capped landfills have become prime sites to place solar arrays. Capped landfill are ideal for solar arrays because they tend to be raised and free of trees, they are stable enough to be built on, and don’t have shadows from surrounding building or structures. Capped landfills are more commonly turned into parks and sporting fields, but with the world fixated on this green movement, more plans are being made to utilize landfills as solar array sites.

The officials of Canton, Ma have decided to use their large landfill to create the largest solar array in New England. The capped landfill, which has been untouched for twenty-five years, will become the largest Solar Array in New England . It wasn’t until last year when officials decided to utilize the land fill site to become a green power house. The array is expected to generate 5.6 megawatts of power as early as 20120 and will generate about $70 million in revenues and energy savings over the next 25 years.The solar array, built by Southern Sky Renewable Energy, will consist of 24,000 three-foot by five-foot solar panels!


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