BIC has just introduced their new line, BIC®ecolutions, consisting of Ball Point Pens, Graphite Pencils, Correction Products, Sticky Notes and Labels all made from recycled materials. Their new labeling is easy to spot with their new name and green and yellow packaging. Keep your office or home office green with these 11 tips from BIC

  • Turn off your computer monitor when it is not in use
  • Shut off computer when you are leaving for an extended meeting
  • Use recycled products like pens paper and labels which are now all available in eco-friendly (recycled) alternatives
  • Carpool
  • Reuse shipping and packaging materials
  • Print less- use electronic filling methods and print only necessary documents
  • Buy used or refurbished furniture
  • Buy local
  • Use energy efficient lighting alternatives
  • Refill toner and ink cartridges (& Pens too!)
  • Use a mug and encourage your colleagues to do so also. Eliminate the use of foam containers


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