Many of us have heard about and have even seen green roofs,  however there are few who have heard about, or even seen a green or living wall.  Living walls, although an awesome green, attractive idea, are rarely seen in these parts. Living walls take many forms, from plants growing up a trellis or cables/wires, to plants cascading down the side of a structure from the top, to plants growing in soil or medium attached directly to the side of a building.  These vertical walls are not just great for outdoors, but indoors as well. In the New England Area, green walls might be best suitable for indoor spaces with plenty of natural light.  Besides being aestecially pleasing, some advatages are (dependent on scale):

  • Reduces temperature fluctuation on exterior surfaces
  • Lowers energy consumption (potentially by 20%)
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Improves air quality andhealth
  • Improves acoustics
  • Increases property value
  • Contributes to sustainability
  • Give the building credits towards LEED certification

Living walls vary in size, and do not always have to be immense in size to make an impression on a space. Now a days there are companies, such as Woolly Pocket, that have created a modular living wall systems that allow you to create a living wall easily and environmentally friendly.

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