I know it is hard to believe with Mother Nature throwing curve balls at us left and right, but spring is well underway and  soon enough we’ll be able to enjoy the warmer temperature outdoors.  In hopes to take full advantage of the warmer weather, many of us will be looking to revamp our backyards  in up coming months.  Keep in mind these eco-friendly elements while giving you outdoor spaces a face lift.

  • Native Plants require less maintenance (less water & fertilizer)
  • Fruit trees and vegetable/herb gardens
  • Plant a rain garden (filters pollutants from property)
  • Collect water with a rain barrel to use for watering plants
  • A clean-burning outdoor fireplace (recent ones burn ethanol from agricultural by-products)
  • Recycled rubber pavers made for walkways and patios (Rubber Designs)
  • Use reclaimed decking, fencing, or FSC certified wood (be sure to yuse eco-friendly sealers, paints, and stains)
  • Fountains powered by solar-powered pumps that use recycled water
  • Recycled glass for accents
  • Outdoor furniture made with reclaimed materials (Loll Designs)
  • Solar lighting

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