Boston’s Mayor Menino announced a new green incentive called the Energy Positive (E+) Green Building Demonstration Program to “advance industry practice and public awareness of energy efficient green buildings and to construct high performance 1 to 4 unit residential green building prototypes that can serve as models for future practice.  E+ buildings give energy back to the grid, improve the environment, and promote social equity.”

“Today we are taking our green building and renewable energy efforts to the next frontier by creating ultra-efficient housing that generates excess clean energy for the grid,” Mayor Thomas M. Menino said. “We will demonstrate that Energy Positive Housing can be constructed sustainably and cost-effectively, while enhancing the livability of Boston’s neighborhoods now and into the future.”

In support of this initiative, the BRA is issuing a RFP for the sale and development of energy positive green residential buildings on three City of Boston land parcels:

  • 156 Highland Street, Highland Park, Roxbury neighborhood
  • 61 Marcella Avenue, Highland Park, Roxbury neighborhood
  • 64 Catherine Street, Woodbourne, Jamaica Plain neighborhood

Boston Green Building is in the process of submitting a design for the competition in hopes of winning and showing Boston how it’s done.


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