At BGB we are always looking for new ways to encourage green ideas that improve our environment, especially those that are simple. Turn your home into a more environmentally friendly home with these five simple, yet impactful, home updates.  The changes below can be easily incorporated into your regular routine.

  • Stop using CFL bulbs. Most people are surprised by this one, but while CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) use less electricity than conventional bulbs, LED is by far the better choice.
  • Use No VOC or Low Voc pain. Traditional Paints contain chemicals that emit toxic fumes during application abnd as the pain dries.
  • Install a water filter on your kitchen faucet.  This small investment will more than offset the cost of not buying bottled water and reduce plastic.
  • Try the new organic fertilizers.  Natural lawn care has vastly improved in recent years and you can now stay green in more ways than one.
  • Switch to earth-friendly cleaning products. This one takes no time at all-just switch  over as you run out and eventually you will have a healthier home

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