The 1357 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath, single family home, in Watertown, MA.  The main part of this renovation dealt with the kitchen and adjacent living spaces, that were small and cramped. The client wanted to expand the spaces, create a more open flow, and increase the functionality, as well as maintaining a eco-friendly renovation.  To achieve this BGB, expanded the kitchen out onto an existing sunroom off the rear of the house and removed three load bearing walls to create an open floor plan that incorpoated kicthen, living and dinning into one space. BGB worked with Clevergreen Cabinets to ensure an efficient, yet beautiful kitchen. The new hardwood floors were feathered into the the existing floors to conceal the location of old walls for a more seamless look.
BGB is currently working closley with the client on stage two of the renovation which includes expanding the the second floor dormer, with the addition of a full bath and space for laudry.  The second stage also calls for a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) of the exterior shell of the dwelling.  The DER will encompass, new sideing, highy efficiency mechanical systems, and higher efficiency windows. In the end the DER will yield an 80% reduction in utility consumption for the homeowner.
Stay Posted for more photos and information on other BGB Projects!

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