Programmable thermostats, how do they help and how do they work? Most people stand in isle 20 of Home Depot for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out what thermostats is the best for them. Your mind probably jumps back and forth on cost and which one will be user-friendly. Programmable thermostats are comparable to VCR’s when they came out; no one knows how to program them and you dealt with the blinking clock until DVD players were born. Thermostats have been underused for years. You maybe turn the heat down when you go to bed and leave for work, but more than likely most of us forget to do so half the time. However, with the cost of fuel rising so is the awareness of how effective these programmable thermostats can be. Now a days, you can set the temperature for every second of every day.  OK, how do you make the decision, cost and ability to program a thermostat easy? Ecobee is the answer.

This programmable thermostat makes everything EASY. You can access the home screen either by on the touch screen on the thermostat itself, your mobile phone, or on a computer. Whichever device you feel the most comfortable with, you have the freedom and ease to sit back and program the temp and hours for your home each day. If you or your kids manually adjusts the temp you can simply lower the temp that second, by your phone or a nearby computer. Even cooler is if you have a second house, lets say in the White Mountains, and hate the first three hours you are there waiting for the heat to warm up. You can just jump on your computer before you leave or for you procrastinators’  you can turn the heat on, on your ride up.

Not only is the thermostat attractive on your wall, but it’s the ease of use that makes it the most attractive. We just installed this thermostat in one of our Arlington renovations and the client loves it. When you are shopping for,or simply just thinking of upgrading your thermostat look into Ecobee.

For More Information on Ecobee visit:  www.ecobee.com

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2 thoughts on “Products: Save Time, Money, & Energy with The Ecobee Thermostat

    • I will check w/ Kevin Sullivan of EcoBee and see what the cost and make sure it’s compatible w/ out of the US systems. Give me a day or two to get an answer.

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