Phase 1: Building envelope improvements, insulation.

  • Roof Sheathing: Open cell spray foam, approx 8.5″ ( R-30)
  • Exterior Walls: Closed cell polyurethane foam approx. 3″ (R-20)
  • Basement Walls: Closed cell spray foam approx. 3″ (R-20)
  • The roof sheathing and basement walls were fairly straight forward as both were accessible.  There was no insulation in the exterior walls, and there was minimal cavity space since the walls were back plastered.  Due to these existing conditions we felt the most effective approach was to inject Closed cell foam into the exterior walls, monitored with an infrared camera to ensure proper installation and coverage.

Phase 2: New heating system

  • We removed the existing oil furnace, removed the oil tank, converted the fuel source to gas and installed a 98% efficient carrier furnace.  We also installed a Honeywell bypass humidifier.
  • A visit from a CSG energy consultant revealed that these improvements in conjunction with homeowner behavior made this home one of the more efficient homes in the country on a square foot basis! The representative, said it was one of the lowest energy factor per square foot he had ever seen, and he has been in this business for over 20 years.

Phase 3: siding

  • We removed the existing vinyl siding and the rotting clapboard underneath.  We then installed Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, and we think the pictures speak for themselves!

Phase 4: landscaping and paint

  • Once the weather warmed and the snow melted (finally) we moved on to phase 4 which consisted of painting all exterior trim, decking, and gutters.  We also removed 12″ of soil from the side yard, that was contaminated with lead from years of old paint chips working themselves into the ground. After proper removal of the soil we installed 12″ of loam and then we transformed the side yard into a vegetable garden.

Phase 5: Kitchen Renovation

  • BGB will be breaking ground next month on gut renovation of the kitchen.  Designed by Clevergreen Cabinets this project will upgrade the look and functionality of the space, while blending seamlessly with the architectural details of the existing house.

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