We (Boston Green Building) try to attend as many green fairs and shows that we can. While at these shows we, like everyone else;  create contacts with different companies & organizations, learn of new products, and who is out there to install & implement these green ideas. We were stationed next to ZipCar for three shows in a row and on the second show the wheels started to turn. We thought, Why not have a ZipCar at our office?? We are located in Allston and just a short walk from the Charles and Beacon Street, a notorious area for limited parking spaces (this goes for Boston in general). We figured since we have a good size parking area in front of our building that we could give up a spot for a ZipCar.

As we have just passed our one year anniversary with ZipCar they awarded us with a second vehicle. We started with “Chiquito” a Honda Civic and we now have “Ant” who is an Audi A3. The vehicles price out between $9.75 to $11.75 an hour and $72 to $82 bucks for the day. Not a bad deal to get you where you need to be and to not have to worry about parking when you get home.

You can find us or sign up to use one of the ZipCars at: http://www.zipcar.com/boston/find-cars

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