In 2010 we were proud to receive “Boston’s Best Green Contractor” award, by Boston Home magazine. Brian Butler, owner or BGB was asked to attend a photo shoot and bring a green prop.  Brian showed up with mud on his boots, a Red Sox ball cap and a solar panel. He was accompanied in the photo with “Boston’s Best Green Architect,” Maryann Thompson.  Later that year we had the privilege to work on a project designed by Maryann herself.

The scope of the project was to take two existing bedrooms and a bath on the first floor and turn that space into a new living rm, ½ bath and study. The children’s bedrooms were to be relocated to a new space built directly above their old locations.  We then had to replace 80% of the existing windows in the dwelling due to rot, renovate the mud room next to the kitchen, modify the master closet, and give the existing front deck and balcony a Maryann twist.  After installing dust barriers and floor protection the only living area accessible to the client was a guest suite, kitchen, dining room and the master suite.  By hermetically sealing the construction space, the client could comfortably remain in the house during construction, save money on renting a space, and cut down on the overall duration of the project by completing everything in one phase.  We completed the major work with dust walls and temporary partition walls up in place.  As the project evolved different layers of protection were taken down and different tactics were used to complete the necessary scope and keep what personal space the client had personal.The design fit into the neighborhood and the addition and style meshed perfectly with the existing lines and character of the dwelling. A well designed plan and the experience brought to the project by Maryann and her project manager Binu Tulachan greatly contributed to the successful execution of the project. As you can see the result is a modern house with an addition that mimics the original lines of the house and a cedar screen porch with a mahogany railing system that accents the house beautifully. It was a pleasure to work with Maryann’s Thompson, and rewarding to engage the client and exceed their expectations.  We have happily added them to our growing family of past clients.It is always an exciting endeavor to work on great projects with/for great people.

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