Our Beacon Hill project is truly taking shape. The dwelling had unique character before we started the renovation with its approximately 19’ x 29’ ballroom, third floor courtyard, and French doors that look out onto Beacon Hill, so the bar was set high and we knew that the kitchen would have to measure up.

The original kitchen was like most of the house and needed a serious upgrade; the space was tight and cut off from the remainder of the second floor, but that would all change with Hickox Williams Architects’ new design.

Jon Taylor with CleverGreen Cabinet’s was designated to execute the Architect’s new design, with the stock list as follows:

  • 17 sheets of Formaldehyde Free, Pre-Finished Maple Plywood.
  • 750 Board Feet of Hard-Maple.
  • 5 Sheets of Bird’s Eye Maple.
  • 13 Dovetailed drawers w/ Blum motion.
  • 30 Adjustable leveling legs.

The result from the above list of ingredients will be 136.1 sq ft of inset with beaded face frame cabinets. From the refrigerator door to the dishwasher panels, the cabinets will be a blend of hard maple with door panels of bird’s eye maple, all finished with three coats of water based clear coat.

Two weeks ago all the cabinet components made it to the site and so started the installation process. These cabinets will take up the full 113” of ceiling height, as well as any and all wall space that is not occupied by appliances.

The actual size and scale of the cabinets can’t be captured in these images, but to give a frame of reference, the large blue ladder in the latest photo is an 8’ step. Currently, the final details are being added, including the custom crown and light rail, like icing on a cake.

We will keep you posted as the finishing touches of the kitchen and dwelling are completed.


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