Our JP kitchen renovation has started!!!!! Over the past couple of weeks we have finalized the kitchen design with the client and Jon Taylor of Clevergreen Cabinetry. The client has picked a stone, we have vetted the certified installer, and the demolition has taken place.

You would think it’s too early to be thinking about the countertops, as we are currently at the demolition stage of the project, but with the stone’s 8 week lead time it was important to make the decision in advance. This stone is natural, beautiful, and most importantly, local. It is an Ashfield Schist in the Galaxy style, similar to the one seen here in this photo from a home in Conway, MA. We recently met the installer of this stone, ensuring that we are able to stick to our timeline without any sacrifices to the execution of the project.

We received the permit and were given the green light from the building department on the 15th of June. The first step was then to have the electrical and plumbing shutdown (made safe) for the demolition crews. Then we contacted EcoBuilding Bargains who came to the site and salvaged all the cabinets, countertops and appliances that would have been thrown in the dumpster. The cabinets looked to be a Home Depot style cabinet, and not too old to be re-used.

In the earlier phases of this project, closed-cell insulation was injected into the existing wall cavities from the exterior. Now that all the lath and plaster has been removed we have a clear visual of where and how well the close-cell was installed, and are able to fill the cavities and headers that were missed.

After demolition, we completed an electrical walk-through, mapping out where the special electrical fixtures and switches were planning to be installed. We also map out cabinets, door swings, and a variety of other elements to help get a better grasp of the space. With a blank canvas in front of them, clients are then able to move or adjust fixtures and switches. This approach not only is more accessible than having to review an electrical plan, but also ensures that nothing has to be performed twice, keeping costs on target.

We will keep you posted in the coming days with updates on rough electrical, plumbing, and framing.

3 thoughts on “BGB Project Update: J.P. Kitchen Renovation

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    • It’s a great tool and it’s easy. Your site is clean and sharp. The only advice for your blog is more photos. People LOVE pics. It’s what keeps them looking through the pages. Sometime people can’t understand the project until they see a photo they relate to. We just had one of our best Months on the blog of all time. For the past (6) months we have been hitting 1k hits plus. We are now holding steady w/ 60-80 a day and last month hit 1,500. People are digging how and what we are doing and it shows w/ the number of hits. Best of luck this year w/ the Website/ Blog. -John

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