Beacon Hill is a great place to live, but brings its challenges when it comes to parking, deliveries, and tight spaces. A few weeks ago we conducted one of the larger operations of our remodeling project in this neighborhood. Andy Kalafatas, the project manager, juggled a handful of trades and deliveries to fully utilize the crane while it was on site. We boomed the appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer), rooftop AC condensers, and most importantly the countertops into the desired locations. One of the greatest concerns when it comes to countertops is positioning their seams, so rather than settling for more segmented, smaller sections, the crane allowed us to install larger continuous pieces that spanned the entire kitchen.

Even before templates are made or a crane is involved, the selection of the stone has to take place. Clients often ask  “do we really need to drive out and actually handpick our stone?”  The photo above illustrates just why you should. Andy, the PM, also walked the stone yard and determined where to locate the seam and how best to hide it. This photo shows not only a great example of a tight seam, but also a better use of the natural character and veins of the stone, and how to line them up seamlessly, like wallpaper.

The cabinet boxes, face frames, crown molding, light rail and other small details were then added to complete the kitchen construction. Final connections of the appliances have been made, and the kitchen is hitting the home stretch.

As these major tasks are undergoing completion, the smaller quality control items are also being checked off the list. After plastering, we used lighting to conduct a quality sweep, checking for non-planar surfaces and marking any imperfections. This task is repeated once the first coat of primer is applied, ensuring that the final product is perfect.

Be sure to check back in as the tile, stair balusters, fireplace insert, wet bar, and vanity are completed in the upcoming weeks.

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