Jamaica Plain is fast becoming a strong niche for green building.

How do we know this ?
We have 4 active projects in the area and have bid over 10 in the past 6 months. We have just started our latest just a couple of weeks ago,  for a client who had us install solar panels on the roof a year ago, as phase 1 of the project.

Phase 2 of the project is to super-insulate the side walls of dwelling, With this comes some other mandatory scope, such as :
Stripping off all existing siding (both layers)
Adhering to EPA Lead safe guidelines
Installing a vapor barrier
Installing new corner boards, door and window casings,  window sills
Adding a soffit and fascia build-outs
New gutters
Installing a new HRV system

This client, like others has taken advantage of the MassSave program and added blown-in cellulose in all the wall cavities and attic insulation. The last step will be adding basement insulation, which has been put on hold for later. Instead we decided to replace the rear deck this time, which had been removed earlier to eliminate thermal bridging.

Progress report at the end of the first week : a half of the dwelling stripped, rear deck removed, soffit and window trim mocked-up for approval.


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