We previously blogged about our kitchen renovation in JP. Here’s a quick project update.

Phase V of our JP kitchen has had a slight hiccup.The local ashfield stone had a huge lead time, and did not reach the site on time as planned. We had the base cabinets installed by the end of August for templating and expected the countertops to be on site in 7-10 days. This did not happen on schedule and the countertops finally made their way onto the base cabinets 2 weeks ago.

Picking the story of the house up where we left off last time,  we had just completed demolition and started rough electrical and plumbing. We used one of our favorite sub-contractors, Bourne plastering, to complete the blue board and plaster.

Once the humidity returned to normal or matched the interior floor sheathing, we introduced a coat of No VOC primer to all the surfaces. This eliminated the need to back prime  the trim and we saved on handling of the trim stock. Once the trim hit the walls we furnished 3’x3’ paint samples to all wall surfaces to get a true sense of what the color will look like.

We have finished installing interior trim for all the windows and doors. The trim was selected from a box of profiles to best resonate with the historic character of the house.  The exterior rear entry door is ready to be installed.

One of the nicest features of this space, which might not be obvious in this photo is the 8 ½” wide white oak flooring, sourced and custom milled through New England Traditional Wood Floors at Greenfield, NH.  We have installed the baseboard and the hardwood flooring w/ (2) coats of finish. The last coat of finish will go on once the appliances and paint has been installed.

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