Hopkinton, MA will be one of the newest destinations of one of our newest projects about to start. The above photo is a 3 acre site where we will be placing 2 Blu Home dwellings.

The main dwelling will be a Blu Evolution and the second, smaller unit attached by a breeze way is an Origin. The units will be located approximately 800 feet from where this picture is, in the woods. The 2 large trees show the edges of the future driveway.
The lot, besides coming with seclusion and nature;comes with hurdles (character). Having to cut in an 800’ driveway through boulders the size of smart cars is, simply said, tough. Running utilities, septic for 800’ brings along its own fees and challenges. The real issues surround the wetlands & the well.On the right is the plot plan for the project. Once we have the road cut-in we will tackle the well, which is at the top left corner of the image.

We are currently having all the lot lines, wetlands, road and elevations stacked. Then next week we will take on erosion controls and land clearing.




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