On Sunday, October 16th, from 1 PM – 4 PM, you are invited to take a tour of a DER project located at 73 Sawyer Ave in Dorchester. Meet the team and discuss features and strategies. We will also field questions.


All these components have made their mark on the interior of all three floors.
Finish mechanicals have been installed on the top two units. The equipment for the first floor unit is on site and will be installed soon.

Project Re-Cap

R-60 Roof Insulation
* Used a combination of Close Cell foam and fiberglass batt on the sloped ceilings. Cellulose for the flat portion of the ceilings.

R-40 Sidewall Insulation
* Used a combination of Closed Cell and Fiberglass batt to fill the interior wall cavities.
* 2 layers of Polyiso rigid insulation was used to cover the entire exterior vertical surfaces or the dwelling.

R-5 Windows & Smooth Star Entry Doors
* Eco-Shield, Vinyl Windows

This dwelling has been renovated from head to toe with 3 new kitchens, 6 new bathrooms; 2 new staircases, plaster, hardwood, tile, trim, electrical, plumbing, sprinklers, etc. All this has been completed at no compromise to the character of the house. Come and see how all this and more was accomplished.

Project Team

Green Bean Development: Owner / Client



National Grid: Incentive Provider ($72k)


RODE Architects Inc.: Project Architects

Boston Green Building: DER specialists & General Contractor


Building Science Corporation: DER Third Party Controller







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