Our Jamica Plain project is progressing inspite of all this precipitation.

As a re-cap we are:

– Wrapping the exterior with 2 layers of Dow Tuff-R; resulting in a sidewall R-value equaling R-40 on all vertical surfaces.
– Extending the roof to create a soffit and fascia to help water management.
– Install James Hardie pre-finished clapboard siding and trim.

We will be bringing back the character missing and needed in this house to blend with the neighborhood. We will be installing corner boards, frieze boards, historic sills and water table trim to help anchor the newly added soffit and fascia.

New front and rear decks:
IPE decking, mahogany railings are some of the materials being used to replace the aged pressure treated existing structure.

Project change: All windows will stay in their current location, i.e.will be categorized as “inies”.
After seeing the trim mock up, the client decided that they would like to keep the deep window well on the interior of the window. As a result, we have now moved all the windows to the outer plane of the rigid foam, which creates a 7″ – 8 ” interior sill.


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