We just finished a project for this client in Cambridge and we have now turned our attention to the client’s new purchase in Belmont. The Client is having the house De-Leaded by their own sub-contractor. We will be handling the ½ Bath, Master Bath, Master Closet, Kitchen to Living room pass-through and Attic insulation.

The attic of the house is currently uninsulated, as seen in the attic photo below. To solve this, we suggested 2 options. The first involves firing down all the existing rafters to create a larger rafter cavity in order to reach an R-38 with Open Cell Foam. This will interfere with the headroom and access to the large room in the photo. The second option uses Closed Cell foam. This reduces the need to fir-down the rafters and the installation of strapping will gives us the proper depth to achieve R-38.

Open Cell: R-3.6 per inch
Closed Cell: R-6.33 per inch

If the spray foam is to be left unfinished (without  wall board or fire rating),  an intumescent paint or thermal barrier is necessary to create a fire retardant coating over the spray foam. We also suggested that instead of the coating (average $1.25 sqft) which would be covered in the future if the attic was finished, the option of blue boarding and plastering this space. Board and plaster averages $2.75 -$3.50 a sqft depending on the finish and quality.

The Master Bath now consists of a small full bath and an average closet. We are going to open this up to be one big space. We are also fitting it with a single vanity, water closet, large glass shower with a bench and dual shower heads.

If you look closely at the demolished bathroom(on the left), you will notice the existing sheathing cement residue. It was common to re-purpose the wood slats from the foundation as wall sheathing. This is evident here, with the remnants of the  cement on the sheathing.

We will keep you posted as the project progresses.


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