Closed Cell insulation has been chosen as the preferred product to insulate the attic. We prepared the space by installing strapping (shimming some to straighten what we could) over all the existing rafters. This gives the blueboard a solid sub-surface to be fastened to but also another ¾” of cavity (another R=4.725).

For the bathroom a different strategy was used. Open Cell foam was installed at the blocker locations. Blockers are the areas at the floor and ceiling that connect to the exterior of the dwelling. On the walls and around the plumbing and drain we sprayed closed cell.

Next on the agenda for this project:

  • Plaster
  • Discussion on if the bathroom is heated with a Runtal radiator or the NuHeat radiant heat
  • Installation of tile in the shower
  • Painting of all the de-leaded woodworking interior and exterior


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