While the exterior has been super insulated, the interior has been re-framed,re-wired and insulated. The process pictures on the right are the after demo, after rough framing and after insulation pictures respectively.

One of the requirements when making a house tight is the incorporation of an HRV system. In the last photo of the attic space you will see the HRV duct work. This product is 3” in diameter which helps running it through existing wall cavities. The interior of the product is covered with a plastic coating to cut-down on noise.

As we mentioned earlier, the exterior has been super insulated to R-40 with the combination of Tuff-R rigid foam and blown-in Cellulose in the existing wall cavities. The use of the Chainsaw technique necessitates  the need to re-build the soffit, fascia and frieze board and returns. We saved the entire stock of ornamental brackets that gave the dwelling character. The brackets have been stripped of lead paint, prepared and painted, ready to be re-installed on the recreated soffit.  We used Kleer trim products on this project.


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