West Roxbury is the location of one of our latest heating conversion and weatherization projects. We chose to use blown-in cellulose on the sidewalls and sloped and flat roof cavities and open cell foam in the knee wall space and open roof cavities.The MassSave program covers cellulose and rigid foam work, it does not cover any spray foam; in heating conversion and weatherization projects.
These projects fall under our small projects division “Green Touch”. The intention of this project is to lower the dependence on fossil fuels.

Our modus operandi ?
We used the MassSave program for the free energy audit and heat loan.
The client first scheduled the energy audit to make them eligible for the 75% rebate (up to $2,000).
The client chose to use the Gas Networks rebate instead of National Grid’s boiler options, choosing to replace their current oil-fired boiler with a Buderus 97% efficient boiler.We removed the existing oil and tank with the help of Tanks-A-Lot, scrapped the old boiler and hot water heater.

The picture below on the left shows the old boiler and the picture on the right is the new Buderus boiler.

As always, stay tuned for updates !!


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