This project has been on hold for several weeks waiting for the water table to recede. After week 3 of rain/snow, we really needed to take action. We prepared the road entrance and installed protection (erosion controls and tree protection).

We found that the road is named Granite Street for a reason. There was visible ledge when we walked the site and knew we would be dealing with breaking up boulders. As you can see in the top photo we have plenty of 12” minus material to use as base material for our road. With the high water table and wetland crossings this gives the water a place to flow with out compromising our road. Next came dozens of 22 ton loads of 6” minus material to compose our next level of the road surface.

This process has been completed to our stopping point. This stopping point is the first of 2 wetland crossings. With the guidance of an environmental consultant, we will replicate these areas in a location deemed appropriate by the consultant and approved by local officials.

The middle photo on the right shows the 6” minus material spread approx 200’. We still have a small amount of stone that we processed on site for our initial base material to the right of the road in this photo.

It’s nice to finally be able to walk this site with out being covered in 10″ of mud.


The first picture above shows the property a couple of months ago prior to the foliage falling. The second photo shows the progress of the seasons with the loss of tree cover and the progress of the project.
We will be installing a time-lapse camera on the site on Monday. This will take a photo every day for the duration of the project. We are scheduled to have the house site (once we reach it) cleared by Wednesday next week and the well installed soon after that. The camera will capture the original tree cover and progress from there.


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