This project is the conversion of an unfinished attic space to a Master Suite and Guest Bedroom. The attic is currently accessible through a drop-down stair, where we will now cut an open balustrade staircase to provide access. While creating space for the new staircase, we will be moving some walls and some cannibalization to create free space. The third floor, which is all usable space now will more than make up for the space lost in creating the staircase.
We are working with Smart Architecture in Cambridge as well as Transformations Inc. for the solar array that will be located on the South facing roof surface.


We will be re-framing the attic floor to account for the new live (people, furniture) and dead loads (walls, floor etc). The roof also needs to be upgraded with LVL (laminated veneer lumber). The reason for the engineered lumber is to maximize ceiling height. The alternative is to use conventional 2x stock, which would necessitate 2”x10” lumber, greatly affecting the design and actual ceiling heights in some rooms.

Rough framing is due to start this week and we will keep you posted as the project gains momentum.


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