As some of you might have realized, the BGB Blog underwent a major revamp in May 2011.  Our blog which has been up since June 2008, had a total of 7,122 hits until May 2011. The content was being created by interns and was mostly a mix of “green” news and product showcases.

Our intention behind the revamp was to increase readership and connect with our readers by telling the story behind every project.  We wanted our readers to know how we did what we did.  This completely transparent approach, and the fact that the blog content is now created by  John Hourihan (Director of Pre-Construction and Operations) who has 15 years of experience in construction has almost doubled our readership in the last 6 months. We update the blog 2-3 times a week, give our readers a mix of project updates, green news in the Boston area and introduce them to our family of architects, subs and employees.

The blog was featured in November’s issue of Remodeling magazine, in an interview of John Hourihan by senior editor Nina Patel. Read the article here.


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