Our objective during the last couple of months has been to be able to get from the paved road to the well location at the back corner of the lot on a hard paved surface.

Water on the site has made this more difficult than we had imagined. (See picture on the right). When we were asked to build a 550’ driveway through 2 wetland crossings; we thought the challenge would come from the granite on the site and replicating the wetlands. It turns out that when faced with water, all other issues seem to become non-issues. To create a solid, sound road that will hold drill rigs, excavation equipment, foundation & concrete trucks and a pre-fab house was a more difficult task than we anticipated.

Having said that, we did manage to achieve our objective !  Cliff and his crew at Northeast Water Wells, Inc of Hudson, NH will be on the site today with their equipment.

It is difficult to describe in words or capture in a picture the extents of the site. The picture that you see below is a collage of pictures taken from the same point, following the path of the yellow excavator from the beginning of the street to the location of the well.

Stay tuned for updates on how deep we had to drill for drinking water and pictures of the cleared land.

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