Progress report of one of our Jamaica Plain projects.

90% of the James Hardie pre-finished siding has been installed.If you recall from our previous post, the clients decided that they wanted to retain the deep window well on the inside and we moved the windows to the outside plane of the  rigid foam that we added.
What you cannot tell from the outside is that the shell is 5 1/4″ thicker, with the addition of rigid foam, strapping and siding. Without compromising on the aesthetics, we have managed to upgrade an energy-hogging building to a high-performing one that blends very well into its context.  We are working on the interior trim and will update pictures of the larger sill when done.

All that is left is the rear & front deck, gutters, new front door and finishing the HRV installation.

For the decks, we had initially spec’d fir posts, mahogany railings and 1 ¼”x 1 ¼” square fir balustrades, spaced 3″ on center. During our routine review of the specs with the clients to ensure that they are still on board with the idea, we understood that the client wanted a relatively unobstructed view of the garden while sitting on the deck. The current design did not allow that and we presented a couple of alternatives in order to accommodate their request. As a result, we will now be installing Mahogany posts with cable rail to allow greater views of the garden.


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