Our JP project is drawing to a close and here’s the final update. Here are previous posts about this project.

We had previously briefly talked about design options for the deck railings.
The clients have a thriving organic garden in their back yard that needed to be enjoyed and shown off. Like we said earlier, the Mahogany railings and Cedar balustrades, although beautiful would have obstructed the view of the garden.
The lighter cable rail system that was the result of a few brainstorming sessions allowed us to have code-compliant, sturdy railings that are visually lighter and aesthetically more pleasing. Cedar posts and the top rail complement the light cable rails. IPE decking with hidden fasteners complete the rear deck and allow the client to enjoy an unobstructed view of fruits (and flowers) of their hard labor !

We used James Hardie skirt trim with Fir lattice in the front deck.


2 thoughts on “JP project update

  1. Wish I could be there to. Thanks for the kind words. I hope your kitchen renovation is turning out as expected…..

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