Our Green Touch  niche has finished another boiler swap in West Roxbury. This dated boiler was better at creating dangerous carbon-monoxide and high utility bills then heating the house.

The MassSave Heat Loan program and the GasNetworks Rebates made the immediate out of pocket expense on this project under $500.00.

The project took 5 days to complete and there was no loss of heat throughout the process.  The only impact to the actual heated space was when we installed the new NEST learning thermostat. We install the NEST stock on all our heating system upgrades. The client choose to install the smaller of the two back plates supplied by NEST.

The boiler we installed was a 95% efficient Buderus which created hot water for both the heating and domestic hot water. We installed a 45 Gallon Superstor Ultra water tank to expand the domestic hot water capacity.

We pride ourselves on efficiently installing efficient systems. We start by installing a wall with plywood to create a solid surface to install the boiler, valves, piping, electric, etc. This makes for an easy and clean install. Further maintenance is made easy with clean and labeled installation.

3 thoughts on “Another boiler swap in West Roxbury

  1. That’s a beautiful set up. Of of curiosity… Why would you add an extra water tank to an on-demand system? Is that counterproductive? The water is being heated up when not in use.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Excellent question. We’ll often pair an on-demand water heater with a super-insulated tank to give the client extra volume capacity, or to have a storage “battery” for a solar thermal system. In this case, it was for capacity. The nice thing about this set up is that the heat losses from the tank are very small. This is because, unlike an atmospherically vented and flued standard hot water tank, this tank has no flue system, because there is no burner. Instead the boiler provides the heat through a heat exchange loop inside the tank. The super-insulated shell keeps that heat for many hours without having to fire the boiler. Now, if the total volume being drawn by the occupants exceeds the rated capacity of the on-demand heater (house guests, multiple showers…), it’s not a problem, there’s plenty of storage. And by heating the water further, to say 160 degrees, we actually get even more capacity from the tank by mixing back in some cold water back down to a safer scald-free 120 degrees. This has the effect of making a 50 gallon tank function more like a 60. Make sense…? -Brian

      • Brian,
        That does make sense, thanks for explaining. I have a similar on-demand system installed. These are such great systems, but I have noticed a gap in it’s performance. Often when taking a long shower I feel the water temperature fluctuate, not terribly, but enough to notice. Your extra holding tank idea would essential eliminate this issue, even if all the water is used, it still get’s mixed to provide a more constant temp.

        btw- great website, keep posting!

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