A little over a month ago, we were introduced to a great product. We blogged about it and installed one soon after its launch. We are now one of the few certified concierge partners in the Boston area. We worked with NEST to learn and understand the proper way to install, service and educate users.

We have installed more than a dozen thermostats in the past 3 weeks. About a half of these have been from clients purchasing their NESTS from the NEST webstore. The others were when we installed a NEST as a part of a boiler upgrade.

Education is an important part of our installation process; we talk to the clients about how the NEST learns, how it helps save energy and how to use it. We also cycle the heating system twice and set your away setting (lowest temp you want the NEST at while you’re not home). We also take your old thermostat away for recycling.

We have a half dozen NESTs in stock and charge the same price that you will find on the website ($249.99 plus MA sales tax). We install all the NESTS we sell.

Please email us to order.


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