As part of the Boston “Green Triple Decker” pilot program, this Jamaica Plain 3 family residence will now reap the benefits of energy savings, comfort, and increased property value.
The project entails the replacement of 3 aging furnaces, and 3 water heaters.  2 of the 3 furnaces were installed in the 1920’s and were expensive to operate and maintain, delivered poor comfort, and were of questionable safety to continue operation.  The 3 “standard” efficiency water heater tanks (appox. 55% efficient, were replaced with 96% efficient Navien models that only operate on-demand, so there are no standing losses of heat.
The improvements to the building envelope improvements include a program of air sealing in the basement and attic; addressing thermal bypass issues with pipe and wire penetrations where air was infiltrating.  The attic sloped ceiling cavities are being insulated with densepack cellulose, and the open ceiling framing will be covered with loose fill cellulose.  Behind the difficult to access knee wall areas, we will spray open cell foam to insulate the roof, and seal it to the top of the 2nd floor walls to address this notorious air leakage concern.

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