Here’s what we said about this project earlier. We are happy to report steady progress.

We have finished the demolition : repurposing and salvaging as much as we could.The project has now moved into the rough framing stage.

In finishing a third floor attic, the challenge was to get the rough framing material up to the attic. We decided to take the extra effort to occupy the street (with the neighbors’ consent) and boom the lumber directly into the attic rather than carry it up manually through the front door to avoid going through the finished spaces. We are using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified lumber for this project. This means that the lumber has been sourced from responsibly managed sources.

We are also saving the decking and floor joists for re-use on the project. The design calls for barn doors for different spaces, we will be milling down the old floor joists to create these doors.

We are heading up to Nor’east Architectural Antiques today to view, evaluate and tag some reclaimed timbers for the new collier ties & ridge on the second floor; living room hearth and beams for the kitchen and dining room opening.  The existing second floor ceiling and old 5/4” floor boards will be removed to create a vaulted ceiling.

The images from Stack Design & Build below show the second floor finished perspective.


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