There has been a lot of quick progress on this project. Since our previous update, which introduced the project, we have finished  completed all the demolition & repurposing, rough framing and rough mechanicals.

The rough framing involved a small crane and a couple tons of steel. This gave us the ability to remove all the interior partitions except one half-bathroom. Cronin Welding and Build-it-up Builders quickly executed the new layout.

One of the major objectives of this projects was to open up the floor plan. In order to do this, we removed the existing chimney and reclaimed the space since the new mechanicals do not need it for venting.  Improved efficient of the mechanical systems and tightening of the building envelope meant that we could increase the ceiling height by removing the existing dropped ceiling without increasing heating costs. We added clerestorey windows for more natural light.

The main steel beam on the first floor  initially projected down by 2″; we added 3″ more inches to it to make it look deliberate.
Lights define the space on the first floor. Malsky Electric, the electrical subcontractors used air-tight receptacle boxes for the rough-ins to cut down on air leakage.

Insulation is scheduled for the end of the week and plaster for the end of next week.


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