Tyler Reed,  one of our three project managers just started another attic renovation for BGB. This makes it 4 attic remodels in the past 3-months. Ths one, though is pretty straight forward and was completely demolished and cleaned out before BGB got on site.

We started with rough framing and straightening and leveling out the existing strapping and collar-ties. Electrical layout and rough-in was next.

Insulation on this job is a combination of open and closed cell spray foam and  is scheduled for the end of this week. We are using closed-cell on the gable-ends  then adding a layer of 1” Dow Tuff-R rigid foam over the studs. This will achieve a total of approx. R-28.375 and eliminate any thermal bridging.

In the third picture above you will see the rough-in for the Mitsubishi mini-split head just above the window. This will heat and cool the space. We roughed-in an HRV on the opposite side of the dwelling and snuck into the ceiling of the bathroom to access the bath fan to pull some stale air from the second floor.

Board is dropped and we will have plaster starting next week as soon as we are approved for our insulation inspection.


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