Here’s the previous update about this project.
A quick recap : the project was a renovation to create an open floor plan, a new master suite and attic and basement upgrades.

We have finished the insulation and plaster on the project. We are currently waiting for the humidity to stabilize before we prime the surfaces.

Like most projects, we used a combination of different techniques to achieve the required R-value for insulation and air sealing. We used fiberglass batting in the existing wall cavities, open-cell spray foam on the accessible roof slopes and blown-in cellulose on the slopes and flat attic space. We used closed-cell spray foam in the basement along the perimeter of the foundation & first floor joist connection (Rim/ Blocker).

The city of Somerville requires a ‘screw inspection’ to be done after hanging the wall and ceiling board, which is different from most other towns we have done work in.  This increases the time needed for plaster since it does not allow overlapping board hanging ad plaster. We passed our screw inspection and continued with plaster.

In the meantime, we also replaced all the existing windows with  Marvin Wood-Ultrex Integrity windows. These windows offer a fiberglass exterior and wood interior. It is a good price point for a U-factor of ) 0.30

Tile and trim are on the agenda for the coming weeks. Flooring and paint colors are on the selection list; we are reviewing using reclaimed flooring. We will keep you posted in subsequent updates.

Please note how large the space looks now that only one partition wall has been left in the space !


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