The weather has changed for the better and daylight savings has been switched. It’s time to dust off the Fixie bike again for another season of commuting from Malden to our office in Allston. Last year was great; riding 9.77 miles to work and 11.02 miles back home, totaling a little over a 100 miles every week through the heart of Boston. I enjoyed seeing the city every day and blasting by the traffic that I used to sit in.It would take me over an hour on my truck for the same distance, it takes me over a half hour on my bike.









I also learned quite a bit about road bikes & commuting through a city. Tiny tires and busy roads make for a lot of flats. I went through 2 sets of tires, 30 patches, 10 tubes, 20 Co2 cartridges and over 1,600 miles………. The fresh air everyday and losing over 20 lbs was worth each hiss of the tire deflating.
My only fall (knock on wood) was when I first tried my new click-in shoes. I was at an intersection over near Harvard and the Charles. I stopped at the red light (where there was a line of cars awaiting green) and I couldn’t click out and fell straight over on my side. It looked as if I was hit with a freeze gun, my hands never left the handle bars !!



The Challenge:

This year I’m kicking it up a notch and for a couple of great causes. I plan on taking the Fixie (single gear bike) to another level in June. I have committed to the Best Buddies Challenge of the 100 mile ride from Boston to Hyannis Port in one day. This is a great cause and we are going to try to hit a target goal of $2k. This can only be done with your help. Please click the link and read though the literature and help with what you can, any amount will help.

I thank you for your help and keep an eye out on the streets of Boston for the all-white with green rear tire fixie.



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